Forex - United World Capital 券商优势

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Forex - United World Capital 券商优势


2、完美在于细节:我们致力于为每笔交易提供最佳的执行。United World Capital对那些要求有执行大笔交易能力的客户具有吸引力。我们训练有素的员工(有的以前是国际银行交易员),可以以最快的手续处理客户的大笔交易。
3、受塞浦路斯证券交易委员会监管:United World Capital通过了    塞浦路斯证券交易委员会通过了塞浦路斯证券交易委员会的许可,注册为塞浦路斯的一家投资公司,注册号为HE230122,许可证号为093/08,并符合欧盟新的市场金融工具规则。新市场金融工具规则是欧盟的一部法规,向欧盟经济区的27个成员国提供了统一的金融服务监管制度。
4、FSA的许可:United World Capital有限公司是一家受    FSA监管 的公司,许可证号为504862。
资产保护United World Capital公司是投资者赔偿基金的成员之一,即使公司破产也可保护客户的资产。
5、稳定性与可靠性:United World Capital公司的技术能支持每天24小时几乎100%正常运行时间的交易环境。我们的系统经过了严密的测试,并且通过多个一级互联网供应商维持多个连接,确保我们全世界客户的不间断连接。
6、实力雄厚:United World Capital公司资本雄厚,有专业的管理团队和严谨的公司管理制度。
7、先进的交易平台United World Capital公司的MetaTrader 4交易平台,不仅易用性强而且还具有卓越的灵活性。MetaTrader交易平台提供了精细的界面和全套的专业管理工具。
8、每个月都有大成交量的交易United World Capital公司每个月都会有很大的交易量。这种大的交量交易量表明我们注重专业货币管理者的需求。他们能够体会到我们在处理交易,产品及服务上的优势。


Simple, fast, reliable - our mission does not change.

Our clients need expertise, fast execution, latest technologies and access to a wide range of cutting-edge tools when trading in international financial markets.
Our professional team and service-oriented approach has earned us a reputation as a world-class service provider of online trading services. Our clients and partners rely on our expertise, latest technologies, instant execution and clearing services as well as administrative tools.
Perfection lies in detail
We focus on providing the best possible execution on every single trade. United World Capital is attractive to clients who require the ability to execute larger size deals. Our highly trained staff (some of them former interbank traders), handle large client transactions with greatest routine.
Professionalism and trust
Our company operates within a strict regulatory framework - this is what makes it a true global player.
We are
•registered as a CIF (Cyprus Investment Firm) under the registration number HE230122
•licensed by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under the license number 093/08 in accordance with the new MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), a European Union law which provides a harmonized regulatory regime for investment services across the 27 member states of the European Economic Area;
•FSA-regulated and registered under the license number 504862;
•member of the European Investor Compensation Fund, which guarantees our clients' deposits.


United World Capital's technology infrastructure is designed to support a 24-hour trading environment with almost 100% uptime. All our systems are put through rigorous testing, and we maintain multiple connections through several tier 1 Internet providers ensuring the uninterrupted connectivity for our clients throughout the world.
Extensive know-how
United World Capital is well-capitalized, with a professional management team and solid corporate governance.
Advanced trading platforms
United World Capital's trading platforms successfully combines ease-of-use with remarkable flexibility. The MetaTrader platform offers a highly intensive interface, with a full suite of professional management tools. Currenex platforms provide professional traders with a variety of unparalleled execution options and liquidity that originates from the Currenex Interbank Liquidity.
Large volumes traded every month
United World Capital transacts large volumes in online trade each month. This high volume of turnover shows our focus on the needs and requirements of professional money managers who appreciate the advantages offered by United World Capital regarding our dealing practices, products and services.

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