For PETA or not for PETA?

Posted on Dec 12 2012 at 01:25:04 PM in People

For PETA or not for PETA?

For those that don't know, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization in the USA, that fights against animal brutality. They are speaking on behalf of animals (yes! you read it right) to stop people from killing them for material needs. Their latest campaign is to stop people from wearing 'Fur' because of the way animals are tortured for it. They are also promoting vegetarians (those that don't eat meat) and encouraging people not to eat meat (don't let a typical African to hear that...LOL!)

Different adverts (sponsored by PETA) are coming up to stop people from wearing fur. These ads have people (especially celebrities) going completely naked and saying "I'd rather go naked than wear fur." Not that I like wearing the so called 'fur'. I don't. But these people should not make others that love to wear it  to stop. It is there choice. They shouldn't be condemned for what they love. Why are they being such hypocrites? These same people campaigning against animals killing for their skins are the same people that wear all sorts of designers shoes and carry all sorts of designer bags, made out of what? out of the same animal skin that they are trying to protect. Well, while they go naked, they should better go bare-footed and carry their personal stuffs in a paper bag or better still, their hands.

But what are they saying? that animals shouldn't be killed at all? What are these animals here to do on this earth of ours? Is it for us to look at them? And since when did we (humans) stoop so low to be on the same level with animals to the extent of speaking for them? There! the act of even speaking for them shows that we are not even on the same level with them. God could have made them speak for themselves from the beginning. I mean, I am scared of killing animals but not to the extent of refusing to eat them (because that is what they are created for, for human consumption). I LOVE MEAT!!! One can't be against that because it is part of what nourishes the human body. 

I don't agree with this organization at all and they should stop making people feel bad on what God has created to feed His people and to take care of necessities  One day, animals will be fought for to lead us (humans) in various affairs (GOD FORBID!!!) It's even happening. Remember that gorilla,Koko,that understands American sign language?...fascinating but a different gist altogether.

What is your own opinion on this PETA issue? Let's talk...

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