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Ok, so this week marks the beginning of the regular season of the NFL.  This is always very exciting because you finally get to see just how good (or how bad) some teams are.  The preseason is never a good indicator of things to come because oftentimes the stars don't play, and even if they do, they don't give it their all so they don't get injured.  But anyway, here are some of my observations from Week 1.  Feel free to disagree and hate me.  Just make sure you contact me and voice your displeasure so I can have some material to post!
At least he's confident Eli Manning is NOT really Tom Brady or Peyton Manning Remember when Eli came out earlier this year and said he wants to be considered in the same league as his older brother and Tom Brady.  Yeah, he must have spent his entire summer watching highlights of his Superbowl season and then came to the conclusion that he's one of the best QBs in the league.  Mr. Eli however, is not really a model of consistency.  In fact, last year he lead the league not in touchdowns or yards, but in interceptions thrown.  Not exactly quite up to the standards of the best QB's in the league. But hey maybe he'll redeem himself this year.  Let's see how he did against the Redskins, not exactly one of the best defensive teams out there.  268 yards, zero touchdowns, and 1 interception.  QB rating of 70.8.  Hmmm and this guy thinks he's comparable to Tom Brady? 

Cam Newton isn't the next Jamarcus Russell
When Cam was taken with the first pick in this year's draft, a lot of people were comparing him to JaMarcus Russell, saying that he could never be a successful QB in this league.  Well, it seems like Cam may just be a star after all.  It's hard to say anything after just one game, but my God was he impressive.  He threw 2 touchdowns, threw for 422 yards, and only had 1 interception. That's more impressive than both Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees in the first week.  He also ran for 18 yards and 1 touchdown.  I guess this just proves that you can't question the heart of a winner, although it's tough to say anything after just one game.  And oh yeah, Carolina still lost.  Either way though, Cam was the story of the night despite the loss.  Now all you have to hope for is that he doesn't begin devouring Krispy Kreme donuts every day and replacing his early morning orange juice with some codeine and his future is quite bright. And oh yeah, I just managed to get him in my fantasy league so that might explain why I think so highly of Cam.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the Miami Heat of Football
Pretty self explanatory here.  It seems like all eyes are on Philly this year, and the expectations are huge.  Now I personally was hoping the Heat would win it all, but in this case let's hope the Eagles crumble under the pressure.  I don't know why, but it sure is easy to hate Philadelphia teams in general.

Kerry Collins is Old as Fuck
Now I am not saying that Peyton Manning is a youngster, but my God was this team bad being lead by this old guy.  You need proof that Peyton truly is one of the best QBs the game has ever seen?  Well, the Colts looked like the worst team ever without him.  They lost 34-7 to the Houston Texans, and they probably should have lost by more than that. But truth be told, that's a lot of pressure to put on the 38 year old's back.  The poor guy retired and thought he would spend the rest of his life relaxing.  Instead, he comes to Indianapolis and gets beat to a bloody pulp.  On the bright side for Indianapolis, if Collins can't take it anymore and breaks down, there's another old guy who can lead the team.  The unnamed guy has retired several hundred times, but I'm sure he'd love to come back and get beat up some more. 

The Cowboys still suck
J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS.  There were several points in this game where I wanted to turn off the television because the Jets were doing so bad.  However, I kept reminding myself that the Cowboys would find a way to lose this game, and sure enough they did.  I thought Mark Sanchez made some stupid decisions, but boy oh boy is Tony Romo something special!

Welcome back football, what a great start!
-Divine "The Cowgirls are so bad"


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