Flowers or Veggies can be planted in a sturdy window box

Posted on May 4 2012 at 07:16:32 AM in House & Garden

Flowers or Veggies can be planted in a sturdy window box

The cost of maintaining your own garden can get pretty steep for anyone not prepared for it. Whether it is about maintaining the garden landscape or planting vegetation for your benefit, you could find yourself making quite a few trips to the local store. Most people choose gardening as a hobby and even those who keep their garden in window boxes, derive great benefits from attending to its needs.


The best place to set up your garden is where it thrives the most. The kind of produce you plan on generating must also be taken into consideration. If you are a vegetarian, or if you plan to become one, then planting vegetables will be a great way to keep your grocery bill down. Although you do not need to be a vegetarian to appreciate veggies, you do need specific conditions for some vegetables to flourish. Although most vegetables thrive better in a full garden, there are some smaller items like tomatoes and peppers that are quite capable of producing results window box planters.


Flowers are beautiful and can not only make you money it can also save you big at special occasions. When we think about Valentine’s day, we think about the gifts that we must go out and purchase for our significant others. One of the most popular gifts at many of these events is going to be roses and everyone knows how expensive those can be. With your own full garden or window flower boxes  you can plant your own roses and produce flowers any time you want to. Just think, it will be like having your very own rose garden.

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