Flacco Over Romo?

Posted on May 13 2012 at 06:42:27 PM in Football

The NFL Network lists the Top 100 players in football; obviously people are going to disagree with some of their order of players. Count me as one of those who disagree with their list of Top 100 players.

I would go as far as saying I completely disagree with the list in having Tony Romo as the 91st best player and Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as the 74th best player in the league.

I know the first argument people will state is that Flacco has had more playoff success than Romo; my response to that is give Romo the Ravens’ defense that Flacco had and I am pretty sure Romo leads that team to at least one Super Bowl appearance.

I can’t say that I have watched all of Joe Flacco’s games in the NFL, but from what I have seen I am confident in saying that Tony Romo is a better quarterback, a better player in the NFL and Romo should definitely be ranked better than Flacco on the NFL’s Top 100 player’s list.

I know people will say I only believe this because I am a Dallas Cowboys’ fan and a Romo supporter, but I am sure there are non Cowboys’ fans and non Romo supporters who will agree with me; Tony Romo is better then Joe Flacco.


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