Fixing your face

Posted on Aug 14 2012 at 10:46:27 PM in Health

Fixing your face

As a teenager Madeline was susceptible to all sorts of facial issues that required cleansers and creams. As a young woman her facial appearance was important to her, especially since it would affect the way boys looked at her. Madeline was now in her early twenties and the creams helped, but an underlying concern seemed to have surfaced, one where Madeline developed an obsession for a perfect face. She had heard about some of the risks involved in hiring a plastic surgeon to change things around, but Re-constructive surgery or anything related to a face lift just did not seem right. Even with the best plastic surgeon doing the job there is always a risk for something going wrong so, the question we must all ask ourselves is this, when are we willing to take a chance with our appearance, knowing that things can go terribly wrong.


Tina spent a fair amount of time on her computer which simply meant that she was a bit more susceptible to picking up unwanted intrusions. Because she knew of the dangers ahead of time she inquired about the possibility of anti virus software to provide her with peace of mind, an assurance that was promptly given to her. There were other issues that come about through being a regular on the Internet and one of those is receiving a boatload of spam. Whether it is junk spam or spam of another kind, Tina was beginning to get frustrated by it and decided to ask if she could have  a spam filter installed. Tina had no objections to receiving a lot of email, but when it came to spam e-mail she felt like she would have to draw the line and think about ways for avoiding spam. Her IT support guy suggested that a decent anti spam would immediately solve the problem.

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