Five Types of Dating Men on Badminton Court

Posted on Jul 13 2011 at 10:20:56 AM in Other Sports

Badminton dating is a wonderful form of dating during sports. Badminton is that outdoor game that helps in socializing with others. While playing this game, pleasure reaches its zenith when we get a chance to play with a smart dude or a gorgeous hottie. If you are a woman who believes in finding a mate on a badminton court then you should know about 5 types of men found on the play court. You can approach the one for a date whose temperaments match with yours:


  • Lovers Interest: This people are good badminton players as well as charming romantic partners. They play good shots on the court that your eyes will get amazingly stuck on them for some moments. You will simply forget the whole world including yourself after having seen them playing on the court. These people are themselves seeking partners on the play court. They can make up a good date.


  • Play Buddies: These badminton players are those love comfort. After having played the game on court they prefer to retire back at home and relax. They love dating but they prefer it at homely locations like hotels and luxury suites etc. Outdoor hangouts do not suit them. If love dating in indoor locations you can approach these people.


  • Fiend Players: These men are just like oil that cannot mix with other. Most of them are rash at playing and have a repulsive nature. They believe playing is like a war for winning. They do not believe in socializing while playing a game like badminton. There are hard chances that they will give a friendly response to your dating offer.


  • The Acquaintance: These men believe in just meeting people with a formal hello. When it comes to play they just feel shy to play another game even after winning the first one. When you meet them for the second time they will greet you with a half smile conveying that they are interested in formal friendship at the court.


  • Fillers: These men are mysterious badminton players. They are indeed fun loving guys at the court. You will love their laughter while playing with them. But they won’t tell you exactly about themselves. They will make you feel being at fun just at the badminton court. After the game these men will vanish like a genie. You will have to catch them hard to have a talk with them outside the play court.


  • The filler is someone you remember when you lack quorum in a game, or someone who will make the court fee less expensive for the group. You get to play with him often in court but you probably don't know how many siblings he has or where exactly he lives. The topics of conversation may be limited to badminton, and the laughters confined within the boundaries of the court. The connection is raw and undefined. The communication may fail both of you at one point and you would just wonder one day what happened to that person you used to play with.

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