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Posted on Jun 20 2012 at 12:09:08 PM in Fitness

I'm sitting here at my desk. It's lunchtime and I'm eating my usual lunch. Turkey & cheese with lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on Sara Lee 45 calorie bread. Most times, I have my fat free strawberry yogurt with it, but today I'm going with my bbq flavored Wheat Thins. I'm on a quest to lose weight and it's not easy. Some days are easier than others. Some days I'm motivated more than others. Some days I just don't give a damn!

That's one of the main reasons I'm writing this, today. I usually have an opinion on just about everything, but I really want to know if any of you have some good tips for dealing with this kind of frustration. I'm talking the kind that comes after you eat or drink something you're not supposed to.  Hell, you could feel it during the act, itself, but it doesn't stop you....yunno?? For example, last night, I ate leftovers from Fridays. Now, I know that it probably wasn't the best meal for me to eat, but since it was half of a regular burger and half of a veggie burger, I rationalized it within myself that it was ok. Now, check this out. While I'm eating, I'm showing/teaching my son how to cook & make this easy meal. Take a couple of taco flavored rice packs, cook them and add some ground turkey. Something easy for the kids, right? Ok...why is it that throughout the night, until I go to sleep, I'm going back and forth in the kitchen, eating spoonfuls of this rice dish???? I must've made at least 4 trips and had 1-2 nice tablespoons of this stuff, easy! I know I wasn't supposed to, but I did, even though I'd pay for it. I even saw some leftover fajitas in the know what's coming next, right? Yup...made a couple fajitas with those bad <sigh>

It's crazy when I think about it now, but then...all my thoughts end with..."I'll be alright". But I'm not. Like I said....even today. My walking partner isn't walking, so I didn't walk. It's not as if I couldn't walk by myself & I have before, but not today.

Please tell me, I'm not the only one who goes through this. If you do the same things, let me know. What's ur weakness? If you have some advice, leave a comment. I'd love to see what others are doing to help them stay on track. Lord knows, I need the help...

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