Firefox Feeling A Little Down

Posted on Dec 13 2011 at 07:06:36 PM in Software

The Mozilla Firefox browser has been feeeling the hurt in recent weeks, in several areas - security, market share and possibly funding as well. A recent report (commissioned by Google, but researched by the respected security firm Accuvant) placed Firefox third behind Google's Chrome and Microsoft's IE9 browsers in terms of security. Firefox was deemed to be lagging due to the lack of sandboxing, which both the others have had for some time.

Firefox 8 also introduced a somewhat annoying "feature", where because of a change in the way favicons are handled (those little icons representing bookmarked sites), users were left with rather unattractive blank boxes in place of the usual icons.

Firefox found itself in reported change in funding by Google may affect the Mozilla Organization, which supports the development of Firefox.

All in all, not a very "happy holiday" time for the Firefox folks.

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