Felt Crafts – DIY Hair Accessories Tutorial

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Felt Crafts – DIY Hair Accessories Tutorial

My grand-daughter has the longest prettiest hair, and loves to look like a princess. During a recent visit I noticed she had a lot of pony tail holders and clips, but not many headbands. Every mom and dad alike will agree with me on this one,  sometimes it’s just easier to brush their hair and let them be about their day. But with these cute little headbands it’s a sure way to get them to “let” you fix their hair.  The super cool part is you can make them and they aren’t expensive or hard to make.

 Items Needed
  • Headbands (dollar store 5 pk for $1)
  • Felt (scrap pieces work great)
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • 2 small black or pink buttons
  • Puffy Paint (dollar store 3 pk for $1)
  • Pipe Cleaner (small scrap pieces will work)
Cutting the Felt Pieces

You can make patterns first on scrap paper and reuse them for a later project. I always make patterns and I keep them in binder.

Caterpillar – 8 small circles cut from scrap pieces of felt (different colors)
Cat Face – 2 medium circles and 2 triangles (Pink or color you wish)
Butterfly – 2 butterfly shaped pieces, strap piece for body (again pink or your choice)
Mouse Head – 2 medium circles,  and 4 small circles for bow, and a scrap piece of felt (grey, pink, scrap green)

As you can see from the details above the patterns are basic shapes, or you can just cut one cat, butterfly mouse shape.  I like to give easy basic shaped patterns for those that don’t draw well.

Attaching Pieces to Handbands

You’ll need your handy glue gun for the remaining steps.

Caterpillar – basically you’ll place each small circle so that they just overlap the previous one, the placement of the first circle is your choice. I used a line of  glue in the center of the circle and pressed it to the headband, continue to attach 7 of the 8 circles. Before attaching the last piece you’ll need to make the caterpillars head feelers (?) Using a piece of the pipe cleaner (cut to the size you think is good) bend it in half to form a V shape. I curled the ends of mine so that pointy part was tucked up. Using your glue gun, put a drop of glue on the V point and secure it to the circle piece. Then put a line over the top of the V and circle again in the center area, and attach it to the head band.

Using the puffy paint draw your face and set aside to dry. You can also you small wiggle eyes for the eyes. I didn’t because the ones I had on hand were to big.

Cat Head – if you decide to use the shaped pieces, you’ll have to secure the 2 triangle pieces to one of the circle pieces. This will form the head of the cat.  Next you’ll need to attach this piece to the headband, again place a line of glue in the center and press it firmly to the headband. Laying the headband on its side so you can see the back side of the cat head, you’re going to secure the second medium circle to the back. Put a line of glue as close to the edge as possible and a line down the center of the circle. Place it over the head and headband. This will secure the head-piece better and looks more “finished” (this part is optional)

Attach the wiggle eyes and button nose, using the puffy paints draw on the rest of the face. You can also add some dimension to the ears, or using pink felt, cut 2 small triangles and place on the center of the ears.

Butterfly –  using the scrap piece of felt cut a piece that is the same length of the center of the butterfly piece, giving it rounded edges. Now attach the piece to the center of one butterfly piece. Using a piece of pipe cleaner make the butterfly’s head feelers (again curl under the edges to hide the point inside) Turn the butterfly piece over so  you see the back side,  attach the feeler to the piece using a line of glue along the V parts. Now attach the butterfly to the headband, turn on its side and attach the second butterfly piece to the back.

Turn over and using the puffy paint draw on the face and the designs on the wings.

Mouse – cut one of the med circles in half (they will become the ears) glue those two pieces to one of the medium circles, turn over and using the smaller circles create a bow, by gluing the pieces on to the head in the place you wish. In the center of the bow add the scrap piece of felt.  Attach the head to the headband as described above, turn over and add the back piece. Add two small pieces of pink felt in the ear areas, and two on the face for colored cheeks. Add the wiggle eyes and a button for the nose.

Using the puffy paint draw on the whiskers and mouth. You can add the dimensions to the ears like I did if you want.

Different variations can be done to this project, by using scrap pieces of felt you can add more color to the butterfly, for the cat and mouse you can glue on pieces of yarn for the whiskers. By using things you already have on hand you can create many different designs, that your little princess will enjoy!

Craft project est. cost (if you had to buy it all)
headbands (pk of 5) $1 Dollar Store
wiggle eyes (pk of 20 sets) .60 (cents) Michaels
pipe cleaner (pk of 24) .97 (cents) Michaels
Felt  Sheets  9 x 12.5″  (5 sheets) $1 Michaels

Total $4.50 est. cost for 5 handbands (I only showed you 4 ideas) now you can use the last one to design one on your own.


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