Fast Ways To Lose Weight By Dr Eric Berg

Posted on Jan 4 2012 at 11:57:34 PM in Diet & Nutrition

The true secret to Fast Ways To Lose Weight is to only pinpoint the main weight loss hormone called Growth Hormone. It's the hormone that is triggered by protein and exercise. 

First let’s take the protein. The protein should not be over 6 ounces. Why? Because as soon when you increase your protein excessive, you’ll trigger the other hormone called insulin, which is not how you can achieve fast weight loss. The particular various other thing could be the protein must not be protein powder especially soy since this is very detrimental to your liver.

The following the answer to get Fast Ways To Lose Weight is work out. Out of all the variables, high intensity is the most important thing. However, if you are amount of workout is long, you’ll trigger cortisol, that will counter fat deposits burning. Therefore the key's keeping made the effort of exercise very short - 30-60 seconds max after which it as hard as you can go. This can be achieved repetitively but go hard and short, then rest. But ensure that your rest involving the working out is sufficient time - about 3 minutes - to read more check out my blog at


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