Fast Home Cleaning Tips

Posted on Nov 24 2011 at 03:04:55 AM in House & Garden

Fast Home Cleaning Tips

If you want your home to stay clean all the time without spending hours scrubbing and rubbing, you need help. Cleaners London are so nice to offer several cleaning tips how to take care of your home with minimum efforts and in no time. Hope they can make your life easier.


Purchase a stylish box that hits the interior of your living room. This nice box will help you organise your living room. All you need to do is just to gather all toys and magazines and place them in the box, then put the lid on and your living room will look clean and perfectly organised.


Make a list of daily chores and make sure you do one of them daily. You can include chores such as toilet scrubbing, sweeping the kitchen or vacuuming the living room.


When you use something, make sure that you place it back on its place. We know that it's harder than it sounds, but making this one of your habits, you'll save a lot of time and efforts on cleaning.


To keep your sink and facet clean, cleaners London advise you to keep a towel next to it. It'll take you a few seconds to wipe the sink after you wash your hands, but this way you'll prevent spots and mineral buildup from appearing.


Choose one day of the week when you'll vacuum the floors in your home. Cleaners London recommend that you do vacuum at least three times per week. Regular maintenance will keep bacteria away from your carpet fibres. In addition, you'll eliminate any odours and keep your carpets and home smelling fresh.


Most of us attach to their items and accumulate a number of useless items that trap dust and dirt and need regular cleaning. To make home cleaning fast and easier, you should say goodbye to your clothing, accessories and hobby items that you don't use or don't smile when looking at them. It's a great idea to donate them instead of throwing them away.


These simple cleaning tips will help you deal with home cleaning faster and less efforts. And don't forget that regular maintenance is the easiest way to spend less time cleaning your home.

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