Fantasy Baseball Player Rater 2012 - Second Base

Posted on Oct 8 2011 at 11:07:54 AM in Baseball

The 2012 Fantasy Baseball Player Rater is now posted for second base. Take a look at the top 20 fantasy baseball second basemen for 2012. Please feel free to comment and we can adjust the list accordingly. The list is fluid and open to change throughout the off season based on injuries, trades, free agent signings, line up situations, etc.

2012 Fantasy Baseball Player Rater - Second Base 1.       Robinson Cano (NYY) 2.       Dustin Pedroia (BOS) 3.       Ian Kinsler (TEX) 4.       Rickie Weeks (MIL) 5.       Dan Uggla (ATL) 6.       Brandon Phillips (CIN) 7.       Ben Zobrist (TB) 8.       Howie Kendrick  (LA) 9.       Chase Utley (PHI) 10.   Jemile Weeks (OAK) 11.   Dustin Ackley (SEA) 12.   Jason Kipnis (CLE) 13.   Danny Espinosa (WAS) 14.   Neil Walker (PIT) 15.   Kelly Johnson (TOR) 16.   Gordon Beckham (CWS) 17.   Ryan Roberts (ARI) 18.   Jose Altuve (HOU) 19.   Aaron Hill (ARI) 20.   Mark Ellis (COL)

2012 Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings Second Base
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