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During my last few years of study at the university when I was living in the Ukraine, I discovered that I could digest only small amounts of food and take very little water. The condition started after I was advised that some food I had eaten was tainted. This made me very afraid that I might unknowingly eat other tainted food. So whenever I had something to eat, this fear that it was tainted would come to me. Then I would feel an unbearable pain in my stomach and could not retain what I had eaten. I tried different medical treatments, including hospitalization, but they didn’t bring me any relief.

As my condition worsened I became interested in various methods of complementary medicine and alternative therapies to improve my physical health. Despite my diet, physical and mental yoga exercises, meditation, and other alternative methods, I continued suffering. Once when I was taking treatment in one of the sanatoriums in my country, I met an experienced doctor who lovingly said that although he could not help me medically, he could tell me something that would bring relief. He told me that with faith in God, everything is possible. Even though we were living under communist rule and it was dangerous to speak of religion, this doctor was unafraid because he had had so many experiences of God’s care saving his life.

Having grown up under an atheistic government, I was far from any religious background. So it was not easy for me to seek and find a strong faith in the healing power of God. As I had no other choice though, I believed what the doctor said to me with all my heart. The doctor advised me to explore the faith in God through the sacred messages in the Bible. This wasn’t easy. Under the communist government even mentioning the word "Bible" or "God" was banned. Finally, through my interest in the banned yoga literature I was able to connect with people who smuggled Bibles from overseas to the churches behind the Iron Curtain.

Once I got a Bible, I was deeply absorbed in the truthful messages in this book. The spiritual ideas in the books of Proverbs and Psalms were particularly meaningful to my heart, and my faith in God’s power began to grow. I felt immediate improvement in my health. Though I believed in the power of God, it was a blind faith--without understanding. I felt strongly that divine healing was on the way. But my hidden fears of breaking some material laws, such as eating food that wasn’t fresh or might be going bad, or fear of catching a virus or cold still had a place in my thought. Whenever I ate something, which I felt was not absolutely perfect, I suffered. Although my faith in divine power strengthened and helped me overcome many difficult situations in my life, my physical health was still greatly affected by my fear. I kept to a strict diet, did physical and mental yoga exercises, meditation, and applied alternative therapies to improve my general health, but I was under constant fear. I truly believed that if I trespassed material laws, my stomach would suffer or I would catch flu or some other sickness.

I spent eighteen years studying the Bible and searching for ways to improve my physical health through the Bible’s inspired messages. At last I felt that the healing power of God was more than the power of my faith or hope. I started feeling more and more that my hope in God, which before depended on my blind faith, could be "a very present help in trouble" (Ps. 46:1). Around this time, the Chernobyl disaster took place, and I was living with my family in the disaster zone. With two small children, my wife and I were concerned about the effects of radiation. Also, the political situation there was very unstable because we were on the western border with the Soviet Union and there were many battles between the police and Ukrainian nationalists who wanted independence from Russia. So we decided to emigrate to Australia. After we were settled there with our two little girls I continued to search for healing to be free from any kind of infirmity. To satisfy my spiritual hunger I visited many different church services, but neither body nor soul were satisfied.

Divine Mind - Divine Healing

Once during discussions with my English tutor about God and His omnipotent power she introduced me to Christian Science. She invited my wife and me to attend a church service and during that service I instantly recognized and accepted the truths the Readers were presenting. I saw clearly in my mind and heart that the spiritual ideas they were reading from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy were not contaminated by any human theories, creeds, traditions and so on. After the service I was advised to obtain a copy of the healing book Science and Health. Although I had some questions about how Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures could be a key to the Bible, I purchased a copy.

At the same evening my wife read one of the testimonies in the "Fruitage" chapter of Science and Health in which someone told of being healed of a similar condition. Through the inspired truths of Christian Science and my deep study of the Bible, I started to realize that in a harmonious universe--which is governed by God or divine Principle--there is no place for any moral or physical law that could give reality to disharmony or disease.

In proportion to my growing spiritual understanding of the truth that "the power of Christian Science and divine Love is omnipotent" and that "it is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin, and death," my physical health improved. Gradually I realized that divine Mind emanates and expresses only harmony and health and we can experience that harmony if we allow His pure and high ideas to be present in our consciousness. No disharmony or disease could be expressed through me as I am spiritual, made in God’s likeness. It follows that I can express only good thoughts that come from the one divine Mind.

During my study of Christian Science I have found that to have permanent healing I needed not only to have a steadfast faith in God but also to understand Him. My digestive problems instantly disappeared when I replaced my incorrect beliefs about food with an understanding that my being is the reflection of the divine healing Mind, which cannot suffer. I also learned that everlasting Love is good and the only Cause. So then my body is the reflection of that good spiritual cause--omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient Mind. These spiritual truths healed me, and I have been free of the sickness for many years.

Michael Blitchtein would be pleased to assist anyone who wants to demonstrate this effective divine healing method to restore their mental or physical health for themselves. Feel free to submit your prayer request by visiting page.



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