Factors that affect private health insurance plans

Posted on Nov 23 2012 at 05:13:53 AM in Finance & Investment

There are wide ranges of private health insurance policies are available to suit individual need and requirement. There are several plans and one can select a plan according to budget and health requirements. There are several factors which can affect premium and cost of insurance plans and one must review the all factors carefully to make investment in an authentic plan.

Price of premium in health plans greatly affects the available coverage with the plan. Depending upon your desire to get coverage you may require paying different premium amount for your plan. If you go for a basic plan with solely in patient cover then it will cost less than a comprehensive plan with cover both in and out patient treatments. Apart from coverage, there are also some lifestyle and health factors that surely affect the premium cost at some extent. The first important thing to mention here is age. It is obvious that old age person need extra medical care and advice and hence more willing to get ill health and injury. Cost of premium is generally higher for old person in compare of young people.

Use of tobacco and smoking habit also influence premium cost significantly. It is medically proven that smokers are more probable to get ill health which often reflects the insurance cost and coverage. Anyone who have used tobacco product in last 12 months are called as smokers in common medical definition.

Other lifestyle choices also affect premium cost in private health insurance plan. The units of alcohol that you consume everyday as well BMI (body mass index) are also significant factor to affect medical insurance premium cost. Regular habit of exercise can also determine health coverage cost. At the time of purchasing any insurance plan the insurance provider may ask queries related to lifestyle habits. Other common questions to be asked by insurance provider are your age, sex, weight, height and other personal information.

The good thing is that if you make best efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle by regular exercise and good eating habits then you can expect to get higher benefits even at lower premium costs. Last and important factor which can affect premium and insurance coverage is pre-existing, family or historic medical conditions. Each case is unique and affect of these factors on cost can be different. Buy your health insurance plan carefully to get best deal at lower premium.

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