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I imagine by now you may have already had some exposure to the Facebook Cash Method by Andrew Murray and Jerry Billett. If you have not, I hope to share some insight and my own experience thus far with this product. As a new online marketer or a seasoned one, everyone can benefit from free, quality leads. There’s no real debate there. Now, truth is for new marketers, keeping a low and or non existent advertising budget is important, in my opinion, in developing that first lead, that first sale, that first breakthrough. At times, marketers new to the industry as a whole can feel like they’re trapped in this bottomless pit – they almost feel obligated to spend more money then any of the start up costs … STOP there.

Stop struggling online for tiny amounts of leads. Some days I generate over 133 leads without any paid marketing. So unless you already have TOO MANY Leads… -Andrew Murray

What is the Facebook Cash Method?

Note: this marketing system was originally designed for network marketers to recruit into business opportunities, but it’s equally applicable to newbies who want to make affiliate commissions, and it’s deadly effective at getting in touch with industry leaders – so if you need JV support and you know the big players in your niche – this is a goldmine!

This method is prefect for someone who wants to make money online without ever talking to anyone on the phone. No cold calling here. It requires no money, no additional products to be bought, it takes an hour a day, it works if you are a complete newbie, it works if you are an internet marketer and it works if you have less than 30 friends on Facebook!

The system, Facebook Cash Method, is a straight forward way of connecting with countless daily leads and converting at higher levels then you may have seen previously.

Believe the hype. These are real people, with real results.


Who are the players behind the Facebook Cash Method?

Let me introduce you to Andrew Murray and a bit of his story …

His name is Andrew Murray. He’s been making money online for over 10 years. He’s run seminars, sold over $79k in a single month, and built a steady portfolio of income producing properties. He’s the #4 all-time recruiter in a billion-dollar direct sales company – built on the backs of killer webinars that people try to steal and claim as their own. (And he got an insane knack for lead generation!)

Let me introduce you to Jerry Billett and his story …

Jerry Billett is a real guy, 2 time Iraq war vetern who was awarded an Army Arcom & Combat Action Badge for his bravery. This wasn’t some guy behind a desk – he was in the heart of the battle to keep America safe.

By the time he got back, he had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s a real problem.  (And it’s much more common than you might think!)

So suddenly, after exhibiting exceptional bravery in live combat, he’s back home in the States.  Abandoned. He has PTSD. He is suicidal. He is living in a place with only 2 sets of spoons and forks. This is a raw life. Life on the edge. I want to tell you that Jerry found a simple, duplicatable system for generating hundreds of dollars a day on Facebook – without spending a dime on advertising. In fact, Jerry made $5k in just under 14 days selling a low-ticket business opportunity and some affiliate sales.

The guys know their stuff, and have results to back it up. We all like proof.


Is the Facebook Cash Method for me?

Legitimate question, however, I want to challenge you – why wouldn’t the Facebook Cash Method be for you? Is there such a thing as “too many leads”? I didn’t think so. With the first webinar series, you receive six (6) solid hours of quality, visual content with the two brilliant marketers mentioned above. Facebook Cash Method will open seasons marketers eyes to new strategies, and hold hands of the newbie. Long story short …..

Yes. Facebook Cash Method is for you! (and your upline, downline, sideline!)

Click here —>> Facebook Cash Method

Start changing your situation today. Generate FREE leads. Connect with prospects. Convert sales. It really is that simple. The combination of this product for me, and my existing training with Team Take Massive Action, 2013 is headed for big things!


When you would like to change your life into financial freedom, and make 2013 your year, connect with me. By clicking the link below, you have nothing to lose – but everything to gain! I look forward to hearing from you….






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