Eyes Of A Critic

Posted on Nov 20 2012 at 12:12:42 PM in Literature


''Do you know the easiest job in the
world?'' My friend asked nibbling through her popcorn as we watched Mel Gibson's acclaim
film, 'The Patriot.'

''No,'' I replied absent-mindedly,
totally engrossed with Mel Gibson hacking through the body of a British soldier
who had taken his son.

''The job of a critic,'' she declared
self righteously, her eyes spitting fire and I groaned inwardly, knowing
exactly where the conversation was heading.

''Huh,'' I grunted and she got the
message. I was not going to allow her distract my attention from the film.

The film was over before I knew it
and I saw her off, we chatted briefly about the story line and the American war
of Independence and she left with a promise to keep in touch. On my way back
home, I thought about the question she'd asked earlier.

We are all critics one way or the
other, watching X factor, I had my favourites contestants, there are some books
I would never read, some music I would never listen to and some movies I would
never watch and I think I am not alone. That doesn't make me a critic but I just chose not to like such forms of

Granted, it's easy to criticise but
sometimes critics can build us up and make us a better person. Writers hated
bad reviews with a passion, I do and I even dread it with every fibre of my
being but sometimes you can see through the eyes of a critic and improve

But some people would never see
anything good about anything or anybody, people like that have problems,
deep-seated issues about their lives.

Maybe you've come across people like
that in your neighbourhood, it could be anywhere, my advice... Just ignore them
and live your life with no care in the world!

Everyone cannot love you, Barack Obama
can testify to that. It is deeply imbedded in our makeup as humans, we are
irrevocably fallible and prone to seeking people's approval, when we don't even
realise it.

And the great news is while some
people might hate your gut others may simply kiss the ground you walk on.

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