Exploring Ideas to Create an Authentic and Fun-Filled Environment for Upcoming Greek Festival

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Exploring Ideas to Create an Authentic and Fun-Filled Environment for Upcoming Greek Festival

The traditional Greek festivals are being celebrated by people residing in various western countries. You can even find many online dress stores selling costumes designed based on the culture, tradition and religion of ancient Greece. Based on the season and mood of the Greek Fest, you can purchase traditional Greek costumes for men, women, boys and girls. However, it is also very much important for you to concentrate on some additional aspects to make the celebration look authentic and traditional. In addition to buying Greek costumes, you also need to concentrate on music, dance, religion, food and other activities associated with the ancient civilization.

Traditional Greek Music and Dance: No Greek festival can be arranged without paying due attention to traditional dance. Further, the dancers also need to sport some of the popular and regional costumes to complement the dance form. You must choose and hire an experience band to play live Greek music to match the folk and traditional dances. It is also a great idea to arrange short workshops for the dancers and musicians to make the occasion more enjoyable.

Ancient Religion: Some of the popular Greek festivals are associated with the local Orthodox Church. So you can consider arranging these festivals to raise fund for various charitable causes and activities. If you spend some time in gathering information about some of the practices and activities of the local Greek Orthodox Church, the details will make your festival look more authentic.

Food: No ceremony, event or festival is complete without food, and the Greek festivals are no exceptions. However, you have to arrange a wide variety of traditional Greek dishes to suit the festive mood. While selecting the dishes, it is important to decide whether these will be served as mezedes (appetizers), entrees, and desserts. Based on the food menu selected by you, you can contact the local Greek restaurant and place order. At the same time, you can put some extra time and efforts to make the dishes at your home. Also, you can request your guests to prepare and bring some of the food items using their favorite recipe.

Agora: Since ancient times, the agora or marketplace and civic center has been an integral part of Greek culture. So you can arrange the space and decorate a specific area as agora that your guests can use for sitting, talking, eating and taking rest. It is also advisable to ask some of your friends to occupy the small booths, and act like vendors selling Greek good items and Greek-themed merchandise. Along with olives, sweets, olive oil and other imported food items, the vendors can also sell traditional Greek music CDs, travel guides and homemade accessories.

Special Events and Activities: Finally, you have to concentrate on choosing some of the fun-filled and exciting activities to entertain your guests. The adult visitors can be encouraged to participate in food relates activities like cooking traditional Greek dishes, or testing olive, olive oil and wine. Also, you can ask your friends to participate in traditional Greek dance, music and costume contests. The kids will love to wear the ancient Greek costumes and participate in popular activities like face-painting, pony rides, craft workshops and taking lessons in Greek dance and music.


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