Everything you need to know about glasses is at Zenni

Posted on Jun 1 2012 at 02:41:19 PM in Health

Everything you need to know about glasses is at Zenni

The dangers of sun exposure are no secret to most of us and because of this fact we do whatever it takes to protect ourselves. Avoiding excessive time in direct sunlight may be one way to deal with the issue, unless of course you happen to work outside. Some people actually try to experience sunburn, so much so that they will lay out in the sun for hours trying to tone up, but this is probably not one of the most advisable ways to change the color of your skin. The smart ones will be constantly seeking protection from the sun, especially if they know about the dangers and what it can do to them. One of the biggest medical side effects that comes with long term exposure is cancer from the sun and it does not just affect your skin, you should also be protecting your eyes against the sun.


Most parents and smart adults take extra precautions to ensure that their kids are protected from the harmful effects of the sun and spend quite a bit of time researching which sunblock they should be using on the family. There is no reason why a trip to the beach shouldn’t include one or two foldable umbrellas or some other portable means of providing shade from the sun. A day at the beach should not just about bathing suits and food, it should also involve a variety of sunscreens to offer the body layers of protection against the rays of the sun. Something as simple as stepping out for a few hours on a sunny day, whether driving, walking or cycling should include some sort of protective sunglasses, because sunlight is not only restricted to the beach. For those individuals who work outside, protective clothing should be worn and not necessarily limited to cold winter days.


It should be no surprise that tanning is such a popular activity among the younger generation. It seems like everyone wants the perfect tan and many are willing to stop at nothing to get their tan on. The use of sunblock may be an acceptable means of protection, however, it may not be enough to do the job. Of course sunblock may protect your skin but it will do nothing to protect your eyes. It is sad that individuals who seek the perfect tan will pay through the nose for tanning lotions, yet when it comes to protection for the window to the world they end up dragging their feet. The next time you start thinking about what it would be like to have the perfect tan, consider everything you will need for UV protection and don’t forget to protect your eyes.

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