Europe a sad state of affairs

Posted on Sep 8 2011 at 10:51:23 AM in News & Media

  The Economies of the world are in the dumps all thanks to the major banks playing silly buggers almost two years ago.Governments are even more dim, instead of letting those major players go out of business, they came forth and hand them loads of cash that belonged to Joe public.For almost two years most of the western world has been paying for some greedy bankers mistake, all because of greed and the lack of control.

   I wonder when the leaders of this world will stop pandering to the banks? Thanks to them I and a lot of other people are struggling both financially and finding it difficult to return to the work place. America and Europe both have major problems, here in England we have had major riots in the Cities and our government tries to lay the blame squarely on a small majority that they define as criminal. Bloody criminal, that is what I call mis-management of a country, when banks and ministers in parliament don't do what is right by the people who elected them;that is criminal !

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