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Posted on Sep 20 2011 at 09:37:53 AM in Clothing

As much as love designer threads (as seen by our gushing Burberry review!) we are just as interested in sustainable and eco friendly fashion.


For the past nine seasons, Monsoon has been sponsoring Estethica at LFW – an initiative that showcases the growing movement of designers committed to creative eco sustainable fashion. Our favourites were Emesha and Junki Styling.


At Somerset House on Saturday we had the pleasure of speaking to the Head of Buying at Monsoon about the L.O.V.E. (Living our Values and Ethics) range which is made from organic materials and recycled cotton.


Afro Boudoir (AB): How does the L.O.V.E collection differ from the main range?

Monsoon (M): It’s really in the way the pieces are made; many are hand embroidered so have a different price point. The collection is so varied that garments can be worn on the beach or to a wedding! The range goes back to our roots and is reflective of our heritage.


AB: Describe the L.O.V.E collection.

M: The collection has two ranges: Ethereal, which is a white story and is available in store in March/April next year and Elements which incorporates hand print, tie dye and embroidery. We will be bringing out a new spin off collection in February 2012 which will have a more accessible price range.


AB: How do you decide what is going to be in a collection?

M: The samples come in; we rack them up and ask ourselves: Who is going to buy these? How many people are likely to buy them and how much are they willing to pay for them? We look at the preferred garments and build a range around them. Prices vary widely – we could have a jersey top for £35 and a hand made dress for £350. The range has to make outfits and tell a story. It’s not about making a cheap range; the collection has to have personality.


AB: Who is a typical L.O.V.E collection customer?

M: She would appreciate paying a bit more so she can look amazing, is probably around 35 and cares where her clothes come from.


We loved the intricate handiwork on the Ethereal dresses and are saving to buy one when the range is in store next April!


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