Enlarging The Powder Room

Posted on May 21 2012 at 08:01:08 AM in How-To

Although the tendency nowadays is to build bigger and larger residential units, many people still live in tight quarters, and everybody knows that the smallest room in a household is the powder room. We offer you some tips on how to make your powder room appear larger.

Begin by eliminating all shadows in the room via good lighting features. The best approach is to use ceiling light fixtures or pot lights. Instead of placing a standard 21 inch deep vanity, get a smaller one. This will allow you to save floor space, so that you can move more freely.

If the current door swing takes too much space, take it down and mount a pocket door. Another technique to reduce the swing space is to replace the door with two doors. This will cut the swing perimeter into half. When painting the walls use a single bright color, and don’t forget to paint the crown moldings and baseboards as well. A single bright color will enlarge the powder room.

To add even more dept to the space illusion, paint the cabinets the same color as the walls behind them. If you decide to install curtains on the window, make sure they match the wall shade. To enlarge even further the room, keep the clutter to a minimum and use the space behind the door to hang towels. Keep in mind that a dirty room appears smaller than it actually is. Therefore clean the power room at a regular basis and twice a year call local cleaners to come and execute a deep cleaning. For example in you reside in the Dandenong area, ask your neighbors who are the best cleaners from Dandenong based. If the neighbors don’t have any referrals to point you at, read the cleaning in Dandenong section in the local newspaper or regional yellow pages.

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