Enjoy Competition: 5 Secret Tips for Having More Fun Playing Tennis

Posted on Jun 6 2011 at 04:13:53 PM in Tennis

Simply stated, most of us who play tennis want to walk away from the court after a match feeling good about what happened there. For years I have struggled to play better and win more, but was rarely satisfied. I wasn't having fun a lot of the time, I was trying to win and when I didn't I felt bad. If I did win the good feeling didn't last long because I was thinking about what I did wrong. This thinking is a problem for having fun playing tennis. I believe that many who quit playing the game do so because they don't feel they are playing well and are not having fun. They complain they can't run, they can't move to a low ball the way they used to, and yet, plenty of people are playing into their 70s and beyond. Surely, they don't like that they are not playing the way they used to play, but they are having fun. So, here is the secret: If you want to play and have fun playing tennis, you need to reprogram how you think before and during the game.

Here are my six secret tips for having more fun playing tennis:

Tip #1. Set your intention. Know what you want when you arrive on the court. Set a personal goal like, I will stay positive, or I will make better line calls, and intend it on every point. Select specific elements of the game that you want to do well in and at a high percentage like 85% of first serves in or, a high percentage of cross-court returns. Often remind yourself of your intention. Say it to yourself, "First serve in".

Tip #2. On each play of the ball, intend what you will do whether the ball is coming at you or if you are serving. You want the serve to land where? You want to return the next serve where? What do you want to happen after your return? decide ahead of time.

Tip #3. Think less about win/lose. Winning and losing are the result of your tennis play. Winning is not an effective goal once you are in the match. It is actually a distraction that takes you away from your attention of the next point, and it places an impossible burden on you for the end results. No one can know the outcome of a match until it is done. This is the lovely drama of sport, is it not? This doesn't mean that you give up your thought-out intentions to play your best match or to win. Only give up attachment to the result and at the same time, apply your intention on every point. This detached involvement will give you good results and joy in the game.

Tip #4. Forget each point when it's done. Observe what happened in the point, and take a short lesson from it, then focus on/intend the next point. This self-work is essentially being "present" in the match, focusing on what is happening now, not the last point, or what might happen in the next point.

Tip #5. Walk away from the match accepting the results and enjoying that you met your intentions. Thank your partner and your opponent for the challenge and the competition. Remind yourself often of what a pleasure it is to be healthy, to play sport, to be around other great people playing sport and to challenge your self in new ways.

I learned to apply these secret tips from Depak Chopra's teachings. I have been doing this for several months now, and it totally works. You will find you are having more fun, seldom disappointed, and there is a good chance you will be winning more, too, because you are "in the point", "in the match" and sometimes, in your zone. You are not blaming your partner or yourself, you are thinking positively, getting the results you want, and having more fun playing tennis.

So, I hope these powerful secret tips will help you enjoy more tennis and help in any other part of your life where you meet a challenge.

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