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"You never know when one kind act, or one word of encouragement, can change a life forever."  
Zig Zigler

Sometimes people need a little push, a bit of encouragement to help them soar. Just like  a mother bird will encourage her young to fly.  To jump out into air and space with nothing to support them. She has hope that they will follow her lead, they will be encouraged by her example and her coaxing; take wing and fly and not fall to the ground.  Encouragement may be given in many ways.

Encouragement coupled with kindness can have a life changing effect. Kind words of encouragement can lift a person out of  self-defeating, destructive behavior and change the course of their life.   It may take courage to speak those words when  that person is blaming others and not taking responsibility for their own failure or success.  Your words  when spoken from the heart with the intent to uplift and motivate a person toward positive thinking can alter the decisions they make for the better.
Taking the time to send a note telling someone they are doing a good job or you appreciate their efforts may be all the encouragement they needed to go on.  Sharing what has helped you be successful may give encouragement to someone who is about to give up for lack of insight. You will reap the reward of enhanced personal and business relationships by being an encourager.


Everyone has ups and downs in their personal and business life.  We have all heard the saying, "When one door closes another will open".   The key is not to look at the negative situation but,  to continually look for the opportunities.   Many of us get stuck focusing on the closed door instead of opening a new one.  Flora Whittemore said, "The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live".  Those of us who are able to continue to open the next door can be encourages to the ones who are stuck behind the closed doors.  When you make others feel good about themselves or help them to succeed you will feel good too.


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Wanda  Rester
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