Egyptian Museum and enter the battle alone service after 110 years

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Egyptian Museum and enter the battle alone service after 110 years
If Egypt is to build a castle museum new name of the Grand Egyptian Museum .. the museum the old residing in Hmokh and grandeur in the heart of Tahrir Square, carrying the banner of museum presentation of the treasures of Egypt along the one hundred and ten years exactly since it was inaugurated by Khedive Abbas Helmi II in 1902 live Now haunted by the problem of Where it enters the museum the old and alone now hot battle considers the battle of the fate and life, when calling in an official memorandum submitted to the President of the Council of Ministers and submitted by d. Mohammed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities requesting a right which is extracted from him after the year 1952 to prevent him from extending normal to the banks of the Nile Great to be held based concrete obscures vision and ugly of life for the museum honored they called the Socialist Union .. And the amount he wants to avenge the sky and burning the building rapist and hope has returned to the museum to include in the ancient land that breathes life, like all museums of the world which is always surrounded by spaces, parks and services worthy of the place. The old man now holds a museum explains d. Sayed Hassan, director of the museum papers and documents and photographs taken at the beginning of his life just to prove his claim to have usurped the land, when the historical images confirm how the site was a natural extension of the museum .. How did the museum overlooking the great river without a visor?!. He graduated from text documents to confirm the decision to establish this museum, under the chairmanship of eternal Kdioip The Board approved after deliberation on the establishment of a new museum in between the Nile and the Nile Palace Akeclaq. This document conclusively confirms the ownership of the museum to this land usurped Source :-
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