Effective Ways to Clean a Washing Machine

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Effective Ways to Clean a Washing Machine

Your washing machine has the magical property to transform your dirty clothes into fresh and spotless as clean as new garments. It is not magic, it is laundering, but if you want to have a properly working machine, at your disposal, any time you need it. Here are the effective ways to clean a washing machine.

Start from cleaning all of the parts that you can easily reach. The accessible parts such as the detergent container and anything emitting a strange smell. Misty smell indicates  the presence of moss and  other unwanted bacteria. Deep cleaning is crucial now, don't underestimate the germs that can contaminate your laundry. It is about your own clothes, give it a try.

Cleaning washing machines is normally the job of skilled experts, but as long as you clean only the accessible parts and don't break anything into parts. Keep it safe. Turn the machine off and then start the maintenance. One of the major locations of germs and bacteria are the detergent container, the door and the cylinder. Deep cleaning them allows you to have a peace of mind, to wear clean clothes and use the machine for as long as possible.

Take out the detergent container. Get a toothbrush to remove the solid built up left from the repeated washing. Soak the container in warm water with some vinegar added. Let the built up dissolve well so that you can easily remove it.

Return the container to its place. Clean the outside of the machine. The stains should be removed with a damp cloth or even some disinfectant wipes. Having the exterior clean will prevent germs from getting inside.

When it all looks clean from the outside, rinse it inside by running on an empty load. Now you can turn the degrees to higher levels. Add a mild solution of vinegar to the detergent container and let it run on an empty cycle. Use the centrifuge once, just to know that all elements that are in direct contact with your laundry are well-cleaned and ready for continuous use.

Your machine will work well as long as you maintain it well. Clean it regularly and you will have spotless linen in turn.

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