Effective promotions knows no limit

Posted on Aug 6 2012 at 01:48:01 PM in Marketing & Advertising

If you think that there is no such thing as a bad marketing plan then you should know that you are definitely wrong. We are all aware that in order to get other people to know that we exist, there must be some sort of promotion going on. It is not always necessary to involve ourselves in a lot of commercial advertising, although it has been known to help. How we initiate those promotions is entirely up to us and the advertising agency that we decide to choose. Another major decision that must be made when considering our advertising methods is the budget we have to work with. There is no reason to over spend on high dollar advertising, although billboards have been known to be pretty effective for some people. Think about how much you have to spend and then find the an effective advertising company to spend it with.


If you are like me then you will do whatever you can to keep your cost down, so much so that if you can get someone to place an ad for free you will think that you won the lottery. I have promoted a few websites that I believe offer a benefit to the community and have felt pretty good about it, but free advertising will not always get us to the finish line, especially when we will probably have to pay for our own. If you look around in your community you may see a few options to get the word out, most are low cost and some (like bulletin board advertisement)may even be free. Naturally you will not choose the bulletin board in an office building or a lunch room, unless of course you have the owners permission.

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