EDUBB – Beastmode Ft. Lil Chuckee (YMCMB) #1 On IHeartRadio New Music Chart (Unsigned)

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EDUBB – Beastmode Ft. Lil Chuckee (YMCMB) #1 On IHeartRadio New Music Chart (Unsigned)

Atlanta Hip Hop trio EDUBB hit #1 on the iHeartRadio New Music Chart (unsigned) with their latest single “Beastmode” ft. Lil Chuckee (YMCMB). Beastmode the newest single from their upcoming release, “Legends of the Fall” (reloaded) due out later first quarter. Beastmode debuted at #6 climbed to the number 1 position in less than 7 days with growing interest from radio.

According to EDUBB member Almighty Dolla, EDUBB has been musical friends with Lil Chuckee since he was a youngster making his way up in the music scene, long before YMCMB fame. Their long standing relationship finally led to this collaboration which is rising steadily through the ranks.

The artists known as Almighty Dolla, Johnny BOI and Nem collectively make up the group EDUBB (pronounced E-Dubb). With more than 1 million YouTube views for their Official “Whooty” video, and over 6 million “Whooty” related YouTube views, the guys even garnered mentions of their work on TMZ two times. Strictly a grassroots phenomenon, this indie hip-hop group has managed to make their video an MTV Jams fixture, as it is played in a re-occurring “Booty” Video Mix and even cracked the ITunes “TOP 100” Video chart.

Their “Whooty” movement has branded the phrase “white girl with a booty” aka “Whooty” into Pop-Culture Slang terminology. Not to be labeled as “novelty” rappers or known for just “one” song, the Atlanta natives are currently setting their hometown of Atlanta and the Southeast Region a blaze via clubs, for their shockingly amusing single “Rain Boots”, and the controversial “Social Network”.

Without being signed to a major label, the group has since received airplay on MTV, Music Choice, Sirius, XM Satellite and VH1 as well as many major reporting Top 40, Rhythm and Hip Hop stations across the U.S. EDUBB has also completed songs with multi-platinum producers and artists such as Lloyd, Mr. Collipark (Soulja Boy), Drumma Boy, Pastor Troy and Jazze Pha. Drawing stark comparisons from “off the wall” acts such as, The 2 Live Crew and even Outkast, 

"We aim to be hip-hop's version of the Rolling Stones. Longevity and building a catalogue full of hits is our key," says member Almighty Dolla. Here to stay is EDUBB. (


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