Earn Money by Uploading Videos, Photos and Images to Sms4File.com

Posted on Sep 16 2011 at 06:53:27 AM in Entrepreneurship

Earn Money by Uploading Videos, Photos and Images to Sms4File.com

To start off, what is Sms4File.com? This is a free data hosting website, which allows you to store your documents (photos, videos, documents, music, archives and other types of files) and earn money with them.

You just have to find good files (better if the files are rare and hard to find), upload them to Sms4File.com, get links to your files and start promoting them. For every downloaded file you will receive money, so the better you promote uploaded documents – the higher chances of earning money yo by upu have.

In order to download your files people will have to pay for it by sending an SMS. This is why you should share only rare files and documents, those which are worth the money. Sms4File.com pays you 75% of money generated from these SMS messages and premium account sales.

Also, if you have friends who are interested in making money by sharing files, you can refer them and earn additional 25% of what they make. Compared to other websites, which offer us to mak Sms4File.com has a pretty low minimum cash-out limit – it is just 5 dollars. Money is paid to your PayPal or WebMoney account.

I think that it is possible to earn money by sharing files at Sms4File.com. So give it a try also boost your income further more here

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