Durarara!! – Mikado Ryugamine Free Paper Toy

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Durarara!! – Mikado Ryugamine Free Paper Toy

This papercraft is the Mikado Ryugamine [blank template], based on the light novel / anime / manga series Durarara!!, the paper toy was created by niibi. Mikado Ryugamine is a childhood friend of Masaomi Kida and the primary male protagonist of the series. He is later revealed to be the creator of the Dollars.

Mikado is a polite, soft spoken boy, who at times can be quite childish and naive. This is likely a result of his small town upbringing; as he moves to Ikebukuro he is amazed and overwhelmed by the sheer size and energy of the city, and thus himself feels small and insignificant. He was bored of the average life he previously led, and moved to Tokyo in search of adventure. To he himself, he feels that his name sounds odd and childish, but it seems that some people think it is special or just okay, like Walker and Erika.

Despite his personality, he is shown to have a pretty strong will, and he does have moments where he speaks his mind, which is one of the reasons Masaomi admires him.

As he often acts like a child, Masaomi feels he has to stay around Mikado and help him out, since he would not be able to manage on his own. While Mikado envied Masaomi for his exciting life, Masaomi ironically envies Mikado’s innocence and his ability to lead a quiet, happy life. As the series progresses, Mikado gradually becomes more and more assertive, and becomes able to accept the chaos that life throws at him without trying to run away.

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