Durarara!! – Anri Sonohara Free Paper Toy

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Durarara!! – Anri Sonohara Free Paper Toy

This papercraft is the Anri Sonohara [blank template], based on the light novel / anime / manga series Durarara!!, the paper toy was created by niibi. Anri Sonohara is a bespectacled girl who attends the same school as Mikado Ryugamine and Masaomi. She is rather quiet and timid, but seems very close towards Masaomi and Mikado.

Sometimes she tends to enclose herself. She is intelligent, clever and resourceful. Her full figure and shy behaviour give her the unwanted attention of many males. Her online chat screen name is “Saika”. One of the thoughts that occasionally crosses Anri’s mind is the fact that she has lost a “purpose” and motive in society. She creates a barrier around her and the rest of the world, supposedly thinking that the unchanging state of life is fine. It is stated that Mika Harima gave her a reason to seek people and social interaction while in middle school.

It becomes apparent that both Anri and Mika both used each other as ‘foils’; when Mika disappears, Anri becomes lost of what to do, and starts to experience bullying. She sees herself burdened by the fact that she has to rely on Mika Harima, Mikado Ryugamine, and Masaomi Kida for companionship. It is later learned that she harbored deep feelings for her ex-best friend Mika, but she cannot classify it as mutual friendship or love since she can’t tell the difference. She is Saika, the demon blade’s ‘parasite’. After episode 17 she gained control over hundreds over Saika’s children created by Niekawa, effectively making her the leader of the cursed blade army. It is also revealed in episode 17 that Anri and her mother lived with an abusive father who regularly beat them severely.

One day, when her father started to take things too far, Anri’s mother, Sayaka, used Saika to kill him before he could kill Anri. Possibly starting to lose control, she tells Anri that she loved her before slitting her own throat with the blade. This incident was covered up and it was spread that a burglar killed Anri’sparents and that she was the only one spared. Later on, she discovers that her friend Masaomi Kida is the leader of the Yellow Scarves. When the Yellow Scarves and the Dollars clashed in episodes 20 and 21, she uses Saika’s “children” to stop the Yellow Scarves from hurting the Dollars members. Eventually as seen in episode 25 she begins to show signs of having a crush on Mikado.

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