Dream Tan – The Best Tanning Product for Athletes

Posted on Jan 18 2013 at 10:18:05 AM in Fitness

Dream Tan – The Best Tanning Product for Athletes

Competing at local, amateur, national or international, or completely professional bodybuilding or fitness contests? If you are a fitness model or athlete, or more particularly a bodybuilder, you know that having white skin is not the best type of skin tone to expose and display those muscles cuts and striations.


You would notice that there are very few, or even zero fitness athletes and bodybuilders exhibiting pale-white skin tones, as cuts and muscle striations are not visible at all through the skin tone. What would your solution be, then, if you have that white skin tone, or any skin tone, which is just not tan enough to show those cuts and striations off? Enter Dream Tan.


By its name itself, you may probably already gather that Dream Tan is a tanning product applied to the body to make it seem tanner. The secret, however, of this tanning product is that it is specially made and designed for competitive fitness athletes and bodybuilders alike.


Never has a tanning product been manufactured and produced solely for the purpose of making bodybuilders and fitness athletes tanner and seem more cute and muscular. Dream Tan is, as its name implies it, the dream tanning method every bodybuilder and fitness athlete has dreamt of, come true. 


Dream Tan is not like all of those other tanning products out there wherein you spray your body with the product, no. This tanning product works so well because it is applied much like a cream all over the body. It is applied with an open hand and smeared all over the areas of the body which you want to seem tanner particularly every part of the body since it is used by bodybuilders and fitness athletes.


The whole and complete process of applying the tanning product is meticulous and must be careful. If quickly applied, the tan would not look even and would even look strange and forced. Carefully apply it onto the skin while making sure that every part of the body is evenly tanned. If you want to find out more about how to properly apply Dream Tan on the body, and which methods are best used to apply it, check this out.


Dream Tan, if it is not the only tanning product for bodybuilders and fitness athletes out there, is certainly the best of the best. An award for the best tanning product of the year, three straight years in a row (2009, 2010, and 2011) just proves that fact. Making sure that every competitive bodybuilder and fitness athlete gets a fair chance at being tan, this tanning product is what every bodybuilder, and fitness athlete has been waiting for, moreover one can get it for a discount with a Bodybuilding.com coupon code.


No wonder it is the best tanning product out there right now. Do not worry about that white or uneven skin tone before that big competition. All you need is a little Dream Tan and you will have that dreamt about tan.

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