Dream Big in 2013

Posted on Jan 10 2013 at 06:21:33 PM in Entrepreneurship

Happy New year to all my friends, clients, Facebook fans, Google + Circle, and critics, I wish you all to live righteously and to dream big in 2013.

Dream Big means something different to everyone, and I hope and pray you know what that something is for you personally. If you haven’t considered what that may be for you, my desire is that you stop today and put your dream big in writing.  File it away so you can review and visit on regular basis.

My Dream Big for 2012 was to reinvent myself,  to rekindle the passion for the things I love to do. The year’s journey taught me to hold on to people I love tightly, for in only a twinkling of a moment they cease to exist. To care for myself, to enjoy the life I live. It was a year of learning, of growing, and accomplishing things I only would dream to do. But most importantly it was was year of doing, doing what I dared to do. You see, in 2012 I had a lot of firsts, I learned to podcast, how to coach others. I learned how to follow, because you can’t lead unless you know how to follow.  I conducted my first Branding Class teaching the value of knowing who and how to plant the seeds of passion. It was a year of discovery, I found a world of people, just like me at BlogWorld, and BlogHer. I found a group of people who loved to write and encouraged me to rekindle the passion I have for communicating, writing, reading, teaching and learning.

Who knew, my voice could make a difference to anyone?

The Dream Big in 2013

In twenty thirteen, I promise to continue to use the gifts and talents of 2012 to the Nth degree. A gift not used is a broken promise. I promise to laugh, live, sing (on or off key!), dance, and care. I will write more often, teach, read, learn and grow, to partner, and let my voice be heard because somewhere someone is listening.

I invite to you take the journey of this marvelous new year of twenty thirteen, as I dream big, and take the steps to make those dreams a reality.  Let’s dream big in 2013 together. Please share I would love to know what your plans are to Dream Big in 2013!

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