Dreadful Stains

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Here I have collected several opinions from the web, the most frequent ones, about some dreadful stains, that are very hard to remove, along with the ways, suggested for removing them. Here are the opinions of the people.

First of all, everybody is fussing about how tough it is to remove clay red clay stains. You can get those on a football field or near some construction sites. Removing them from fabric is a pain, not to be described in words.

The professional cleaning services London advice to do the following. In order to remove the red clay and grass stains along with it, since if it was obtained on a play field there are usually both going hand to hand, you should add a quarter of a cup of Cascade dish washing detergent, along with the washing powder, to your washing  machine.

Also, you should treat the stain as soon as possible, removing the excessive dirt from it before you launder. Combine the washing powder with a little bit of water, to make a paste and apply it to the stain. Leave it there, to soak properly for about 10 minutes. Then use the hottest possible water setting on the washing machine, as long as it is safe for the fabric. There might be needed several circles for the stain to be completely gone, since it is such a dreadful stain.

Another, considered a dreadful stain is a chocolate stain. No matter liquid or solid. Professional cleaning services recommend using a very small amount of chlorine bleach. Pour some into the cap of the bleach bottle, put a tiny brush into it, gently put a small amount onto the stain and wait a minute. The larger the stain, the larger the brush. Now, this does not mean you should use a huge, painting one. Just enough to deal with the stain. Bleach can be a real savior in these cases.
Keep in mind, that some stains are near impossible to remove. You will eventually remove them, parts of clothing and paint of the clothing, with them. So brace for a failure at some point.

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