Dragon Ball – Kakarot Free Papercraft

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Dragon Ball – Kakarot Free Papercraft

This Dragon Ball papercraft is the Kakarot, created by marcostsjr. Goku comes from Universe 13, where he is known as Kakarot. In this universe, he never bumped his head as a baby, and eventually slaughtered the human race.

He is identical to his Goku counterpart in everyway, save for the Saiyan battle armour which he began wearing ever since Raditz found him.

Kakarot never received the tutelage of Gohan, and never lost his Saiyan heritage despite his race being practically extinct. He shows no regret over killing millions of people and never developed many of the relationships he normally would have. This Kakarot is shown to be a pervert, seen when he relentlessly demanded his female opponent, Kat, to ”bear his child”, and later to the one-shot character, Mary Sue. He is also shown to have an uncontrollable rage, similar to that of Broly, but is triggered by excitement rather than from seeing a rival.

It is not fully known how much power does Kakarot have. Previously, he was shown as being one of the few competitors able to hold his ground when Broly and Vegito were releasing huge shockwaves of energy. Later on, however, Kakarot was easily subdued by Gohan, and judging from his reaction, he is significantly weaker than Gohan’s “Ultimate Form”, leaving his power somewhere in the Super Saiyan rank. He has also resisted a hypnotic attack from Kat, using its effect against her despite its mind-controlling effects, though whether this could be considered “resistance” is up to interpretation.

You can download the Dragon Ball Dragon Ball – Kakarot Free Papercraft Download

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