Don’t give up, the battle has already been won

Posted on May 1 2012 at 04:55:30 PM in Society

Don’t give up, the battle has already been won

At a recent convention, a group of Atheists elaborated to their congregation what their plans were concerning the “Clergy Project” they were working on. It appears that The Clergy Project is designed to receive pastors who had lost their faith and in some cases their own congregation and had nowhere to turn, which left an opportunity for the Clergy Project to scoop them up. In the early years they may have been known as protestants and they usually consisted of prominent individuals who did not agree with the foundation of the church. Because they were uncomfortable with what they were experiencing they felt as though their integrity was in question and they formed their own community and enthusiastically decided that they had all the answers. It is important for you to realize that what I am addressing here is the fundamental results of internal conflict that is usually caused by individuals who have a problem connecting with the truth.


As strange as it may seem and as illegal as it is, your employment can be affected by the belief that you portray and while this can be contested in some parts of the world, the matter is usually settled long before it reaches the media, if only to avoid the unwanted publicity. If you are interested in finding resources to give you a better understanding as to your rights, they are readily available, but almost impossible to prove. I say all this to point out that the groundwork for Atheists in this country has already been laid, however, if you happen to be a believer, well that will be an uphill battle for you. The good news is that you can win the war and if you have genuinely accepted Jesus Christ then you are already there. This is not a competition to see how many souls can be saved because that number has already been established, so if you are feeling unsure about your Christian life, you may wish to go back to basics.

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