Don't Flop, Just Play

Posted on May 2 2012 at 04:10:45 PM in Sports & Recreation

There are different things that we can do without in sports: such as racism and cheap shots, and there is one more thing I really wish we could do away with and that is flopping. As sports fans we mostly see flopping in soccer and basketball, but it has its moments in other sports as well.

I believe soccer is the sport with the most spectacular moments with beautiful goals scored by talented athletes, but soccer has way more flops during one game than goals scored. So many times while watching a soccer match you will see a player barely get touched and the player goes crashing to the ground, he will start holding his leg as he rolls around on the grass. Everyone watching knows what he is trying to do and sometimes he actually gets it.

Basketball is a game I have loved to watch and play as far back as I can remember, but like soccer you will see players flop to try and persuade the referee to call a foul. Players will drive to the basket and one player will bump the offensive player and then the offensive player will yell and just throw the ball up hoping it goes in. Or when a player is trying to take a charge or even trying to get around a pick are other times you will see basketball players flop.

Some people could argue that a player flopping is smart because the player is trying to get a call, and sometimes the player actually gets it. I don’t watch sports to see the world’s most athletic players flop. I want to watch athletes use the skill and talents to beat their opponent. I don’t know if there is a clear, black and white way to keep players from flopping, but I wish players made it an unwritten rule to keep flopping out of sports.  


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