Dolphin Safari Gibraltar - come and see the dolphins

Posted on Aug 9 2011 at 08:35:43 AM in Animals & Nature

Dolphin Safari Gibraltar - come and see the dolphins

For the very best way to see the wild dolphins of Gibraltar, the best dolphin watching in Europe, come and sail with the Original Dolphin Safari.  We have been operating dolphin tours for over 42 years and offer a 98% guarantee of seeing dolphins.  We have the highest success rate due to our experience crew and knowledge of the dolphins habits and feeding grounds.

Come aboard our state of the art trihedral hull 'Goldfin', upgraded from our previous catamaran.  Goldfin was specially ordered and designed with dolphin watching in mind because of her stable and yet highly maneuverable shape.

She has comfortable cushioned seating for all passengers with frontline viewing for everyone and an indoor observation lounge.  We guarantee a first class experience as we only take 25 passengers maximum and no coach loads of tourists.  We ensure a business class spacious atmosphere for you and take you closer to the dolphins than anyone else.

Ask for the blue boat or find us on youtube with over 100 films to show you what to expect.

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