Does Superdry Run Big or Small?

Posted on Dec 13 2012 at 05:54:50 AM in Clothing

When people jump on trends, they sometimes do not investigate what they are buying properly, which is especially true for those using a Superdry promo code. At best they will find what they like, buy it, and then ask questions after the fact. With Superdry clothing this is not a good idea. Why you might ask? Well the clothes are just not cheap. They are made to cater to those who consider themselves to be amongst the fashion elite. These are people who like trends and would not buy anything they felt was not going to help them project a certain image. 


The problem with those who buy Superdry clothing though is they do not realize that when it comes to the sizes, you cannot buy them the way you would buy other clothing brands. Now this might seem confusing, but let’s get into it a little bit more. A lot of people want to know does Superdry run big or small, meaning do they offer clothes in certain sizes. 


Well, if you were to pick out their clothes in the sizes you would usually choose for other clothes, you are going to have a problem on your hands. The reason for this is because the sizes are not the same as what you might expect. Understand that the clothing brand has a Japanese feel to them, and that means they are made to be very fitting. The sizes you get are usually much smaller than the same sizes you would get for other clothes. This is going to frustrate and flat out irritate some people. 


You do not want to spend the money it costs to buy clothes from Superdry only to see that it is too big or too small, which in most cases you will have the first problem. If this is the case you will end up having to send them back, and that means paying for shipping again and having to wait even longer to have exactly what you want in the size you want. This comes with the territory when you are buying clothes on the internet, because the store does not have many physical locations like other retail outlets. 


There are some ways you can protect yourself from disappointment though. You need to follow the basic rules when it comes to getting clothes with a Japanese look or clothing that is made in other countries. One rule would be for you to look at the size of clothing you are looking to get, and then make sure, when you order you get your clothing one size bigger. Superdry clothing tends to make clothing that is one size smaller than the sizes will say. 


So if you are getting medium, it will really be small. If you are getting small, it will be extra small. If you decide to get a large, it is really a medium. See how it works? The reason the brand does this is because they want all of their clothes to fit properly, because the crowd they cater to really cares about this and does not want the baggy look that traditional urban attire usually has.

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