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As citizens of a free country we are provided with many options to choose from when it comes to good leadership, or so we are told anyway. Every election comes chocked full of individuals promising to turn this country around and make us better as a nation and like clockwork, they all fall short of the promises that they make. There is nothing worse that a politician who gets enough votes to put them in office and does exactly the opposite of what they promise to do. It is almost like a used car salesman who offers you an automobile that will give you years of service at a price you can afford, as you end up with the lemon from hell and an agenda that includes several trips to have one problem after another corrected. As we think about democracy, it is difficult to imagine that there are still countries that refuse to make such a luxury available to their citizens. On the other hand, when we choose a leader that lacks any respect, simply because it has not been earned, we might actually be asking ourselves if we are really that much better off.

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In every society someone thinks that they can provide us with the leadership and protection that we need and because we believe that we need to be protected, we fall for it, hook, line and sinker. We all have the ability to protect ourselves, (for the most part anyway) but what we truly need is someone who can be a good leader and make the tough decisions for the future of our society. Then there are some people who put their fate in the hands of luck and the winning lottery ticket number, as they dream about an easy win and a life spent on beaches sipping fruity drinks with umbrellas sticking out of them. There is nothing wrong with improving on a chance to receive a windfall, but when that option becomes an obsession, where nothing else matters, it won't be long before you start losing touch with reality. If we choose to spend our life chasing a dream, we could end up losing the jackpot called life, as it beckons us and in addition to the dollars we lose, our life will also pass us by.

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