Do U Drive While You R Texting?

Posted on Feb 8 2012 at 09:45:17 PM in Cars & Vehicles

Your risk of being involved in a serious car accident increases by 400% when you use a cell phone, and 800% when you text. Texting while driving is the equivalent of having 4 alcohol beverages. Not a smart thing to do, is it?

People do a lot of stupid things while they are driving ~ put on make-up, read, change clothes, file their nails, shave… distracted driving causes the death of at least 8 teenagers every single day. Wireless devices are the number one distraction.   

Teenagers already are at a disadvantage as drivers because our brains are not fully developed until we reach our twenties, particularly the part of the brain that governs impulsivity, judgement, comprehending consequences and ability to perform the quick thinking involved in driving. The American Automobile Association [AAA] reports that nearly 50 percent of teens admit to texting while driving (that statistic only accounts for those actually admitted it!)

Michelin and BMW are among some of the companies sponsoring Street Survival, a program that gives hands on lessons aimed at making teenagers aware of how distractions affect driving. Does your teen need to take the class? 

In addition to talking to your kids and impressing upon them how serious it is to stay focused while driving and imposing consequences if they break the rules, the smartest thing a parent can do to stop this dangerous behavior is download an app such as tXtblocker, Phoneguard or iZup by Illume Software. They are apps that will not allow you to receive a text or phone call while the car is moving. It will send an automated message to the person on the other end that tells them you are driving and cannot answer or return the call or text at that time. They only cost roughly $20 a year to download. A small price to pay to possibly save a life. Another good option is Cell Control, hardware you can install into the port underneath the steering wheel.

Some adults could stand to use one of those apps as well. Another survey found that 71% of people ages 18 - 49 admit they text, send emails or talk on the phone while they drive. Don’t do it. How would you feel if you killed someone's 8 year old son? Parents need to set a good example. Children learn more by watching what we do than by what we say. If you text and drive you can’t expect your kids to stop. It's one of the most lethal distractions. It's also illegal in most states but that unfortunately doesn’t stop enough people. Send this to friends who have teenagers, you might help prevent an accident. TTYL. 

"Honk if you love Jesus; text while driving if you want to meet him" -best bumper sticker ever

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