Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Onion Knight Luneth Free Papercraft

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Dissidia: Final Fantasy – Onion Knight Luneth Free Papercraft

This final fantasy papercraft is the Onion knight Luneth, based on the game Dissidia Final Fantasy of the Final Fantasy series. The paper model was created by ACE crafts. Luneth is the main protagonist of the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy III. Like the rest of the Final Fantasy III cast, Luneth has no unique abilities, instead relying on Jobs.

Luneth has long silver hair and violet eyes, and in his Freelancer outfit, wears a purple turtleneck covered by a dark sweatshirt and a vest. He wears long pants, knee-high boots, and carries a fanny pack. His theme color is purple, shown in his Job armors, while his turtleneck collar can be seen while he is wearing robes. The tri-square pattern on his vest is also a pattern used to distinguish his Job outfits from his allies’.

Luneth is described by Doga and Unei as the light of courage. Sure enough, it was his tendency to travel recklessly that lead him to the Wind Crystal in the first place. In the opening FMV, Luneth is shown as a Warrior, reflecting his bravery and will to fight. Most times, he will instantly jump into situations or fights despite the dangers. He is quite cheerful and positive when meeting other characters, but can often be too impulsive or blunt, causing his allies to scold him.

Luneth and Ingus were shown arguing in the opening FMV, reflecting their opposite personalities, but while the party traverses a cave, Ingus saves Luneth from falling off a cliff. Luneth assumes the de facto role of leader, speaking on behalf of the team and motivating them to continue on their quest. His defending Arc from the bullies in Ur shows that he has a “status” as a leader-like figure among the children.

The Onion Knight is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. He makes up for his size with speed and is a master of sword arts and magic. As the youngest warrior, the Onion Knight’s lack of battle experience makes him put on a brave and confident front, when in reality, he is rather scared and unsure of his abilities. The villains he encounters, including his nemesis, the Cloud of Darkness, serve to test his courage and power.

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