Discovering Stuff When Cleaning The Attic

Posted on Dec 21 2011 at 06:55:40 AM in Personal

Last week I was visiting my parents. We had a lovely weekend together. The reason that I visited was that my parents needed help in cleaning the attic. Usually they can handle it on their own but at their age I feel a little bad letting them do work. So I said I would help them clean.

I didn't know what I was getting into. Imagine walking into a room full of cobwebs stuff everywhere and boxes without names all over the place. The first 5 minutes I just stared at the room and thought where to begin. Then I started thinking like one of the professional cleaners Parsons Green and though to my self will not get anywhere by thinking let's start cleaning and we will see where it goes.

Firstly started with dusting and removing the cobwebs. Then I started with throwing out old junk but for some reason my father insisted on keeping half of the stuff that I wanted to throw out. Then I stumbled upon a very interesting object that my father was overjoyed to see. It was an old accordion . My father was pleased to see that it was not lost because he loved playing that thing.

But he couldn't play on that dirty thing so I wanted to clean it. But my father insisted on laying out the guidelines because apparently not all cleaners Parsons Green would work well on it.  We started by removing the dust and cleaning the knobs and keys with a slightly damp sponge. Then we used a very gentle cloth to dry off the surface. The keys had a lot of stains so I used very little dish soap to wash the spots and the I wiped with a soft towel to dry them off. We opened and closed the accordion a couple  of times to remove the dust from the leather. Luckily there were no holes in the bellows so when my father picked up the accordion he played it like it was a new one.

The next day we finished the rest of the attic and all what was left was to listen to my father play that thing. Sometimes it is not as fun as it sounds.

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