Discover Vinyl window Boxes How It Brings Beauty

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People are dying to create a lovely back drop for their flowers with an elegant yet affordable vinyl window boxes. It shows a more plasticized nature of PVC and are pre-molded with simple yet beautiful trim styles. These vinyl window boxes are simply durable and lighter than wood which is very manageable to transport from one place to another. The PVC window box features an extra deep design to ensure that your plants have plenty of room to grow. The color you can apply is limitless. For instance you can choose from white, black and clay in many models or create your own color at home. These vinyl window boxes are easy to apply paint. Available in countless styles and a variety of sizes, you'll be amazed at the quality and beauty it gives to your home.


Vinyl flower boxes are efficient way to dress up your abode without breaking the bank. Created from high-grade polyethylene and molded into shape, these PVC window boxes are tough, resistant to any harmful weather and require less maintenance while preserving its timeless beauty. You'll be amazed with beauty it offers every time you see your beautiful flowers in their new home planted in these window boxes. Regardless of where you hang your vinyl window box, one thing is for sure, your flowers will definitely look lovely thriving in their PVC flower box. 


Prestige Window Box


This is a great style to use in residential houses and can be installed in the railings of your balcony, patio and window ledges. Prestige Window Box planters will transform your property into a personal retreat with outdoor flair. It has Built-in water reservoir that most customer want and these encourages healthy plant growth. It means less maintenance and hassle free. This molded plastic planters are created from high-class polyethylene material, with sub-irrigation water system. Inside dimensions are 7.5"W x 8"D and the length can be customized depending on the size of your window. Prestige Window Box holds approximately 6.5 gallons of soil and comes with 3 wall mount brackets for easy installation with a black powder coated finish and sometimes this includes a 15-year limited warranty.


Presidential Window Box


These plastic window boxes feature a bowed front, raised panel design which look classy and very effective accessory on your window. Decorative brackets give a beautiful finishing touch with a classic, vintage look. Sub-irrigation water system is also available for this kind of window box. Length can also be customized depending on customer needs.


Balconera Deck Planter Box


Indeed, these plastic flower boxes are perfect addition to your balcony. The wicker look offers it Mediterranean charm and lightness that makes it a perfect match with any outdoor furnishing. 


Promenade Window Box


This plastic window box also feature a water system for adequate supply of water to your plants. The Promenade Window Box features a beaded panel design and derived its raw material from high-grade polyethylene with a double wall design. This planter has a capacity of carrying approximately 10 gallon of soil.



There are many styles of vinyl flower boxes that are available in your area. If you have problems ordering it from your local store, you can also purchase these planters online and they will also help you with your needs.


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