Digital Timesheets for Virtual Project Management – Best Digital Time Recording Software

Posted on Jun 12 2011 at 12:00:48 PM in Business & Economy

Managing projects virtually can be pretty challenging especially when it comes to recording hours worked. Since you are not able to personally oversee the work of those under your management, it will be hard to tell what hours they have spent for valid work.

The rise of virtual project management has led to the introduction of digital timesheets. This allows workers to log in details of their working hours virtually. There are many benefits in using digital timesheets for virtual project management such as:

* It is a good way to track who is working and who is not during the working hours. Because digital timesheets let workers create memos or notes about what they are doing, project managers will be able to see if they are really spending their time on real work and not on something else.

* Digital timesheets are so easy to use both for the project managers and the employees. There is no reason why one couldn’t use it.

* Digital timesheets give project managers peace of mind knowing that employees are working and that given tasks will be completed in due time.

* Validating hours worked is easier on the part of the project managers because most digital timesheets create a summary of work done for a particular period of time. Billing is made a whole lot easier as well.

* Digital timesheets can also be used in managing different clients’ accounts. They allow project managers and team members to access and see the progress of the different accounts that they are working on.

The internet has paved the way for more virtual projects. More and more project managers are looking for the best digital time recording software which can be used to keep track of the work activity of all team members. The digital time recording software is a form of digital timesheet that is very effective.

To be able to find the best digital time recording software, look for the following:

* It should be easy to use. Some digital time recording software are too complicated to use. Instead of saving you time, it will just be an additional burden. Look for digital time recording software which you can operate and manage with just a click.

* It should be able to record time right after logging in. There should be no delays to avoid issues later on during billing.

* It should be flexible, which means it can adapt to any computer operating system. There are digital time recording software that will work only for Mac. This will pose a problem if some of your team members are using Windows. So make sure that you choose the software with versions for different operating systems.

PMCAMPUS is on the lookout for the best digital time recording software for project managers. We’ve started a poll on our PMP Facebook page and we’d love to get your opinions on what you use for time recording and what improvements you’d like to see in the software.

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