Digimon – MetalGreymon Cube Craft

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Digimon – MetalGreymon Cube Craft

This cube craft paper model is the MetalGreymon, based on the anime, manga and video games series “Digimon“. The papercraft is designed by blackignus. 

MetalGreymon (Vaccine) is a Cyborg Digimon whose name and design are derived from “Metal Greymon”. It is referred to as MetalGreymon L in materials where both it and its 2010 redesign appear. It has mechanized more than half of its body. The Metal Greymon of Folder Continent are Cyborg Digimon that succeed in perfectly evolving from Greymon, and draw out a stronger power which cannot be compared with those of File Island.

In order to evolve to MetalGreymon, it must be successful in defeating the enemies who come against it, one after another. Also, MetalGreymon’s offensive power is said to equal that of a single nuclear warhead, and if the likes of a low-level Digimon suffered that blow, it would be annihilated without leaving a trace. Its “Trident Arm” is made from enhanced Chrome Digizoid.

You can download this cube Digimon – MetalGreymon Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

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