Different Types of Work At Home Opportunities.

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Different Types of Work At Home Opportunities.

Now that you have decided that you are ready, willing, and able to work from home; what do you do next?

How do you find that perfect work at home job opportunity or business?

And what type of work at home job opportunity or business is right for you?

Before you jump into this confusing work at home world armed with cell phones, ink pens, highlighters, and your handy, dandy, day-planner; let's find out what is most commonly available for those of us that want to or currently work from home.

Though there truly are a few good “No Experience Necessary” opportunities out there; in my own personal experience, they niether pay enough for my current experience or skill set in my field to be even slightly worth my time, nor do they lend well to having any semblance of a life outside of the opportunities themselves.  I realize sacrifices have to be made when trying to get ahead in life, but I refuse to kill myself for nothing just to have the opportunity to work from home...and you should to. 

Here are the 10 most common types of Work at Home Jobs and Opportunities that I've found over the last ten years and a little detail about the type of work each opportunity entails.

Work At Home Jobs and Opportunities

1.Affiliate Marketing- Selling digital products for companies on a commission basis.  You can usually start affiliate marketing with no out of pocket expense on your part.  There are many companies you can do this for, but these are the most popular.
a. CJ.com
b. Clickbank.com
c. Paydotcom.com

2.Multi-Level Marketing- Selling products for a company on a commission only basis with several different levels of leadership that offer multiple levels of income generation, hence the term “Residual Income.”  There are so many different MLM Programs that it would be impossible to list all of them.  So here's a great website with LOADS of information.
a.  DirectSalesDirectories.com

3.Freebie Trading- Completing limited time offers for companies in return for payment and low-cost products.  Freebie trading has become very popular recently and can be somewhat lucrative. Some recruiting of other people to complete offers for companies is involved.
a.  ProjectPayday.com
b.  Free Freebie Trading-http://www.freebietrading.net/step1.html

4.Auctions/Ecommerce- Selling your own or a wholsale companies goods on internet auction or ecommerce websites for a portion of the profits.
a.  Ebay.com

5.Service Provider- Providing a service for donations, payment, or profit.  One of the most popular services these days is Blogging and online classified ad boards.
a.  Blogger.com
b.  Classified Ads-classifiedsforfree.com

6.Franchising- Providing a service or good through a franchise for a percentage of the profit.
a.  Franchisegator.com
b.  btobfranchise.com

7.Information Marketing- Marketing digital products and ebooks in niche markets for a percentage of the profit, very similar to affiliate sales and multi-level marketing.
a.  SellInformationproducts.com
b.  FREE Tutorial for creating and selling your own information products-www.pandecta.com/information_products.html

8.Moonlighting/Freelancing- Working for a company from your home, usually on a contract basis to provide a service for an agreed upon amount of compensation.
a.  Guru.com
b.  Elance.com
c.  AllFreelance.com

9.Telecommuting- Very similar to freelancing and moonlighting, except you're usually paid a per hour wage to work a certain amount of hours per week for the company.  This is just like having a job, but having it from home.
a.  HotJobs.com
b.  Snagajob.com
c.  Nextjobathome.com

I'm sure there are many more work at home opportunities than I've mentioned and explained in this article.  But, hopefully this will give you a general idea of how to get started in your search and what to expect along your journey to finding and securing satisfying work at home.

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Nichole Probst
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