Different meanings for different people

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Different meanings for different people

For every Christmas holiday greeting that comes our way there is sure to be some Atheist who cringes at the sound of it. If you happen to be spending Christmas with kids then things will take on an entirely different perspective to you, then again not everyone has kids and even if they did it will depend on what their thoughts are about the holiday itself. Whenever I am given greetings for the holidays I tend to think about the individual who is offering me the good tidings and whether they are paying me a compliment or simply being cordial. I find that movies like Christmas with the Griswold's or Scrooge are interesting in the way they portray the holiday, especially when they include those Christmas song clips. I guess what all boils down to is that the season to be merry can mean different things to different people.


Sam had lived in a few different houses with basements and his experience with them told him that ensuring that the waterproofing was properly done was important, prior to any heavy rainfall. One of his customers entered his store with a laundry list of items that were intended to repair a leak caused by a busted pipe, which ended up leaving more water than he knew what to do with. There was apparently no warning and before he knew it there was about 3 to 4 inches of water in the basement. What made this situation that much worse is the fact that the area was recently renovated with furniture and electronics, not to mention a brand new carpet. There is a whole lot of damage that can be caused by a leaking basement, but in most cases they can be solved ahead of any impending disaster.

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