Different Allergies to Flowers

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Different Allergies to Flowers

Allergies come in all varieties. When we think of allergies to flowers the first group of symptoms we think of is Hayfever with sneezing and watery eyes. These symptoms can be very distressing. Usually when the flower is removed the symptoms gradually subside. Flowers that can affect people are jonquils and daffodils. I love these plants but some members of my family have a strong aversion to them. Buddleia or Butterfly bush, so named because it attracts butterflies can also cause hayfever.

Hayfever is not the only symptom to flowers. Some people have difficulty breathing when near certain plants. This is not necessarily the flower of the plant but the plant or bush itself. Strongly aromatic plants can affect the breathing resulting in asthmatic symptoms for example, wormwood or rosemary.

Some plants will give some people a rash if they are touched. Rhus and Zinnia and Canterbury Bells and Tomatoes are examples of these. If a person reacts to a plant they can react in more than one way at the same time. Their breathing may be affected and they may get a rash at the same time. Or Asthma and Hayfever may come together.

A little known symptoms of reactions to flowers is arthritic like pain. I have experienced this myself. one day I picked a pretty mauve Lilac flower and brought it inside so that I could enjoy its beauty. Within half an hour I experienced severe pains in my arms and legs. These pains were so bad that they put me in bed for three days. When I surfaced and came back to the room with the flowers, they were nearly dead so I threw them out. The pains in my body disappeared.

At the time I made no connection but the pains had been so bad that something like that stays in your memory. Some weeks later I picked another Lilac flower and again brought it inside. When the pains started again I wracked my brain for when this had happened before and remembered the connection with the Lilac flower. Many years later, having forgotten the previous experiences, I did the same and was quickly reminded of my reaction to the beautiful Lilac bush from the pains that began shooting through my limbs.

So if you have arthritic pains that come and go with the seasons, look around your garden and see if there is something flowering there that may be affecting you. If you could have it removed from the garden your pains might go away.

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