did they have sex hundred years ago

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A hundred years ago, when Roald Amundsen returned from the South Pole with the ship "Fram" in 1909, there were girls who hung after him? But he was then the future absolute hero! For the young girls of 14 to 17 years - is perhaps young Peter Pilgaard from the TV series Paradise Hotel the biggest hero. Or perhaps fiddler Alkesander Rybak is the greatest hero among the young people now.

I do not think that the fans Rybak are looking for sex, but maybe a little older girls have favorites that they look like your dream man to have sex with. Alexander Lund Svindal - he's pop, I've heard! No doubt many girls who drool after him, and totally agree. Very handsome guy there!

Did they? If they had sex for a hundred years ago? Without doubt and surely. Otherwise, we have not been here now and be blogging about this topic. 're Not stupid either. If our grandparents had done it, so we had been fucking ill depends the whole gang!

BUT they had sex the same way today? Guaranteed not. That sexual intercourse took place the same way, but it was far more stringent conditions at the time. And the girls were well looked after by the house's chief until her twenties. And contraception, they could not even spell! No times were tough and were not talking about something close to sex before marriage was in port. And in certain krestser it was to obey the father himself, he wanted the neighbor boy was to be groom, it was he who was her man, period!

I have no doubt that the pastoral moments were just as great when it first happened somewhat, but it was not like today where it fucked around in TV programs and live events and both here and there. If it is of the same sex and / or the utkårde is not so important for everyone.

What I mean to say that today's young people are far more liberated than a hundred years ago, certainly well to well, but the best guess that you can decide to whom-it-yourself!

Maybe not everything was so much better before ...

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